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Friday, May 4, 2012

BAM Signing/Panel was great fun!

The panel/book signing event at the Books-a-Million in Harrisburg, PA was a lot of fun, and I'd once again like to thank the fans and attendees who showed up, as well as the authors who I met while I was there.  Here's a picture from the event:

I'm the middle with the bright blue shirt.  To my left in the yellow jacket is romance author Gwyn Cready, historical fiction author Mitchell J. Kaplan, and author Meredith Mileti.  To my right is fantasy author Maria V. Snyder and romance/literary fiction/horror author Megan Hart.

I already knew Maria from Seton Hill University, but meeting everyone else was very nice.  I had actually seen one of Megan Hart's books in my local Weis grocery store and (except for already knowing Maria who is a bestselling author) felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity. :-)  Funny how we authors gauge our current fame based on K-mart, Wal-mart, and food chains. If you'd made it there, you know you're doing good.

Cute little factoid, the booksellers at the store chose balloon colors for each of us based on our books covers.  That I got balloons in black, red, and white should be no surprise!

Well anyway, as for right now, I am waiting for editorial notes for Book 2, as well as beginning another super secret project no one will be able to guess.

And I mean no one. *grin*

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