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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Author Interview at Fantasy Books Blog

This particular blog author interview comes courtesy of a reader named Sabrina (no I am not joking or making that up haha) who much like my previous blog interviewer is also from Romania.  The interview itself is in Romanian, but thanks to the magic of Google Translate, you shouldn't have any difficulty copying and pasting if you are interested.  :-)

Find it here at: http://www.justfantasybooksadis.blogspot.ro/2012/10/interviu-cu-sabrina-benulis-archon.html .

Okay, the translation isn't perfect, but you get the gist of things, right?  >_<

Email me if you need solid clarification.

Only a few days till the Archon paperback goes on sale and I am hard at work on the second book.  Because, you see, us authors are always horrendously hard at work . . .