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Monday, July 29, 2013

April Can't Come Fast Enough

Or can it?  Because I'm really not ready to shop for Christmas gifts anytime soon . . .

Anyway, so far things are looking like a 'go' for Covenant's April 2014 release date and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that turns out to be the case.  If any of you are curious as to why the delay, I honestly have no idea why either.  They just tell me when the release dates of my books are--we authors have a lot less control than you think we do.  >_<

But I should be entering final draft territory this summer/fall, and then it's off to copyediting, and then the rest should be history.

I would LOVE to reveal the cover but I have to wait for the go ahead. Honestly, though, I think it might surpass Archon's in the end, and that's saying something!

Look for more updates soon--hopefully one heck of a cover reveal is on its way!