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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Archon E-Book on Sale for $1.99 !!

If you've been waiting for Archon to go on sale, now's your chance! The e-book of Archon will be on sale for all e-book platforms (Kindle, ITunes, etc.) until February 17 for just $1.99. How can you beat that?

Here's the relevant links for the Archon sale at major e-book retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ITunes:
More relevant links will appear if and as I acquire them!

And if you're wondering about Covenant, galley copies of the book have already been sent for early review and the novel will officially be released April 1, 2014.  Pre-orders are available at almost all online retail booksellers!

Look for more information about Covenant here as the release date approaches! :-D

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